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Back Pain Revisited


Back pain is now considered one of the civilization diseases. It is a problem that plagues more people at a much younger age than ever before.

T here are many factors in play – a sedentary job, lack of exercise, stress or poor diethabits. But what I see as crucial is the fact that we have lost touch with our own bodies. We take an instrumental approach to it. The body is a tool which may never break down and must painlessly operate under any circumstances. However, we are in control of our body and hold the key to it. Nobody else from the outside can, in fact, fully rid us of the problem.

The thing is we accept the state we are in as a fact which cannot be changed, because we do not know how it could be different. We see back pain as unpleasant symptoms we want to get rid of by all means, but it never occurs to us that pain cannot be completely eliminated, unless we change our approach – unless we take a different approach to our body and to ourselves. We want to continue in our pursuits without pain but without changing anything.

This is why I consider it essential to re-establish contact with one´s own body, learning to be responsive to oneself. Having acquired this awareness, we could then prevent many ailments, since we would be able to sense a potential problem way before any pain emerges. If we were able to master the art of listening to, intuiting and controlling of our musculoskeletal system, many problems would not even arise.

I believe that regardless of whether you commit to one method or another, you can make a difference now. Right this minute, you can become aware of how you are sitting, how you are feeling, and seek ways and means to function and feel better. With this awareness, you can start working towards change.

There are many techniques and methods that have been developed to address problems with the musculoskeletal system. If these methods are to lead to any real improvement, the goal should always stay the same – namely, the point is not to remove a particular “problem” alone, but rather to allow for personal development and reinforcement in order for one to overcome restrictive boundaries, and in doing so, to enable a better quality of life.

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