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How I work

I do not seek a diagnosis but I try to help a concrete person.

My therapy is based on a holistic approach and a thorough examination which consists of:

  • personal health history (diseases, injuries, stress)
  • kinesiologic examination – examination of musculoskeletal system from the morphological and functional view
The goal of the therapy is to find the roots of a problem. That requires work at more levels. Very often the area where we feel pain is not identical with the place where the problem had developed. One needs to take into account many other factors such as stress levels or diseases of an internal organ.

Multilevel impact of the therapy

– Physical – the releasing of tight muscles and blocked joints with soft mobilisation techniques

– Motor – many disorders are connected with wrong motor patterns, the goal is to affect the motor pattern itself
– Energetic – disorders in the musculoskeletal system are closely connected with imbalances in meredians. According to the traditional Chinese medicine meredian is a path through which life-energy flows. We can influence imbalance in meredians through their massage or acupressure points.
– Work with motional habits, recommendation of suitable exercises, teaching effective use of the body and its perception.

Though my therapy is based on the initial examination, very important is the current state and the body´s reactions to the previous therapeutical steps.


– acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders
– after–injury condition of the musculoskeletal system
– continuation of previous rehabilitation
– illnesses which have a secondary influence on posture (e.g. chronic disease of respiratory system)
– prevention of musculoskeletal disorders
– if you want to get to know your body, move around better and feel your body to gain better control

In case you aren´t sure whether therapy is suitable for you do not hesitate to contact me.

Benefits of the therapy:

– relief of pain of the musculoskeletal system
– better mobility and flexibility of your body
– better coordination and ability to control your body
– you can learn how to stand upright, sit and do exercise better while using the potential of your body to the full
– effective motional habits like prevention of many disorders
– faster regeneration and better vitality
– relaxation and rest in cozy surroundings

Acute Pain

The therapy is the right solution for acute pain of the musculoskeletal system.

Even though we may often be suprised by an acute pain when performing a simple movement, it isn´t an issue that has arisen at that very moment. The disorder had developed much earlier than we began to feel any pain.
At times it’s not possible to solve the acute pain immediately. That always depends on the specific case and other circumstances.
If you suffer from acute pain don’t hasitate to contact me. We can discuss the possibilities of treating the health condition.

“My therapy takes into account the overall context which resulted in acute pain.”

Chronic pain

The musculoskeletal system is like a mirror which reflects [MK1] what is hidden inside.

The therapy is suitable for a chronic pain.
Chronic pain of the musculoskeletal system is a widespread problem of many people regardless of age.
Chronic pain may have many causes:

Functional disorders

A functional disorder is connected by a wrong management of movements. There is no structural change in the musculoskeletal system though.
The disorder of the management of movements causes an overloading of some musculoskeletal structures such as muscles or ligaments and that can become a source of pain.
The problem is connected with our bad motional habits and our lifestyle.

Structural changes

If we don’t deal with the functional disorders and our bad habits then the structures may remain overloaded over a long period of time. What may develop after a long time of overloading are structural changes in the musculoskeletal system, such as a herniated intervertebral discus or an arthritis.
Structural changes can be also caused by an injury or other defects such as scoliosis , rheumatoid arthritis and the like.

Disorders on the base of another disease

Every disease of an internal organ has an influence on the musculoskeletal system and posture.
Physiotherapy is very important for people with respiratory disease like asthma, for example.

If you have problems caused by functional disorders, structural changes or other diseases there is always a way to feel better.

Combination of relaxation massage and muscle release techniques

It´s an original method which combines elements of soft relaxation massage , gentle techniques and soft mobilisation techniques for joint and muscle release. The body is harmonized through meredian massage and elements of the Feldenkrais method. During the therapy the position of the client´s body changes in order to increase the efficiency of the techniques. Everything is adapted to your momentary needs. The body finds itself in a fully relaxed state all the time.

For whom is the therapy suitable?

– for everybody who would like to relax and do something good for the body

– it´s a good follow-up after a previous therapy once the problem is no longer acute

– it´s excellent prevention of musculoskeletal system disorders

For people active in sports

Every intense sport activity brings along an unilateral overloading of the musculoskeletal system. If we don´t balance this out a significant muscle imbalance might develop. That can cause many functional disorders: from negligible restrictions to big pain and last but not least, the lowering of performance. The result is poor posture which has an influence, among other things, on your breathing capacity.

Compensation of sport activity should be important part of the training. It consists of:
Importantly, training should allow for compensation for sport activity. It consists of:

rest and relaxation
manual therapy
compensation exercises

Therapy benefits:

accelerated regeneration
relief of pain
better understanding of the problem and better perception of own body
better breathing capacity
efficient motional stereotypes

The therapy suits:

people who engage in sports intensively
people who do sport regularly for recreational purposes


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